My Heart Warrior - FUNDRAISER

vivian2.jpgMy Heart Warrior is Vivian. She has Heterotaxy RAI, Single ventricle, TAPVR, Pulmonary Vein stenosis, Pulmonary atresia, and many other diagnosis. She had her first open heart surgery at 2 hours old and was only given a 5% chance to make it to 1 and a 1% chance to make it to 5. She has had 4 open heart surgeries, 15 heart cauterization, 2 gtube surgeries and 2 bowel surgeries and many more procedures. She has also had over 100 echo cardiograms in her 8 years! She is currently in 2nd grade and is a big sister to two little sisters.

We have been blessed by many family, friends and organizations over the years. We are doing this fundraiser to help support two organizations. Cleveland Clinic Children's has been Vivian’s primary hospital and her team has helped us give her a life that wasn’t guaranteed. A Special Wish - Cleveland Chapter has given her experiences and memories that we will treasure forever. We could never “repay” for everything these two organizations have done, but we want to give back any way we can.


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