Whiffer Sniffers Mystery Pack 12 Scented Backpack Clip

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Ima Bubblepopper
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 Whiffer Sniffers Mystery Pack 12 Scented Backpack Clip
  • Chance to get a rare Series 12 Whiffer Sniffer Ima Bubblepopper
  • Scent lasts over a year
  • Hottest new collectible for kids of all ages
  • Ready to clip onto a backpack, lunchbox, bag, so you can take your collection anywhere
  • Attractively packaged…perfect for stocking stuffers, Easter baskets, birthdays, etc


Ima Bubblepopper Cartoon Artwork


No one likes playing and enjoying life more than “party girl” Ima Bubblepopper. All of Ima’s parties are said to be “on point”! First, she gets the party hoppin with some breakdance moves and a little poppin’ and lockin’. Soon everyone is joining in on the fun! Even though Ima throws the best parties, she remembers to work hard on her school work so that she can play hard at her parties. Ima Bubblepopper just keeps it “100”!

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